Kingdom Hearts PS2 GAME ISO

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Kingdom Hearts PS2 GAME ISO – Sebuah game RPG Action keren, seri ini merupakan seri awal dari game series Kingdom Hearts, kalian akan disuguhi dengan grafis 3D dan juga cerita yang menarik, game ini bisa kalian mainkan di PC dan Laptop, dengan PCSX2.

Kingdom Hearts PS2 GAME ISO

Download Kingdom Hearts PS2 GAME ISO, Kingdom Hearts is influenced by its parent franchise, Final Fantasy, and carries gameplay elements over into its own action-based, hack and slash system. The main battle party consists of three characters: Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy. Sora is directly controlled by the player from a third person camera angle. All other party members are computer-controlled, though the player can customize their behavior to an extent through the pause menu. Donald and Goofy comprise the party in most areas but nearly every level features a character who may replace them. For instance, Jack Skellington can join Sora’s party in Halloween Town, but cannot accompany the player elsewhere. In some worlds, the party changes its appearance, has abilities unique to that world or both, the party can fly in Neverland, acquire aquatic forms in Atlantica which enable them to survive underwater, and gain Halloween costumes in Halloween Town to blend in with the locals.
Like traditional role-playing games, Kingdom Hearts features an experience point system that determines character development. As enemies are defeated, the player characters gain experience and grow stronger, gaining access to new abilities. Unlike other games of its type, Kingdom Hearts allows a degree of character development customization through a short tutorial found at the beginning of the game. The tutorial allows the player to select from one of three main attributes―strength, defense, or magic―for Sora to excel in and one to lack in

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  1. Download file dari link diatas
  2. Download Emulator PS2 [PCSX2 v1.4.0]
  3. Extrak file dengan Winrar
  4. Jalankan Emulatornya
  5. Pilih Kingdom Hearts.ISO
  6. Selamat bermain Kingdom Hearts di PC !!!

Kingdom Hearts PS2 GAME ISO