Monster Hunter PS2 GAME ISO

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Monster Hunter PS2 GAME ISO – Sebuah game Action RPG memburu monster, dimana dalam game ini kalian harus punya skill berburu agar dapat menyelesaikan quest yang ada, game PS2 ini bisa kalian mainkan di PC dan Laptop, dengan PS2 Emulator, PCSX2.

Monster Hunter PS2 GAME ISO

Download Monster Hunter PS2 GAME ISO, Monster Hunter places the player in the role of an up-and-coming hunter who must accomplish various quests to achieve glory. Armors, weapons, and other items are created from the remains of slain monsters by carving off their horns, scales and bones. Monster Hunter plays in a similar fashion to Phantasy Star Online allowing the player to team up with up to three other hunters online to take down stronger monsters.
Monster Hunter is played through quests given to the hunter by the Village Elder or the Town Guild. Village Quests can be classified into four categories: hunting, gathering, capture and event. They are also categorized into different levels, ranging from 1 to 8. Higher level quests become available after quests in the previous level are completed. There are three types of quests:

The Event quests are an online-only feature. Every week, a new Event quest is available to hunters of any rank. These quests vary in style and difficulty. Some of the rarer weapons can be made only through Event quest rewards. Event quests are not vital to a hunter’s success in the game, but are a useful way to gain experience and to obtain some rare items. Contract fees and time limits vary. All of the quests allow two deaths, but the third death marks the failure of the quest. Regardless which player actually dies, three deaths will still fail the quest. The only exceptions to this rule are some of the Event quests, which are failed with just one death.

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  2. Download Emulator PS2 [PCSX2 v1.4.0]
  3. Extrak file dengan Winrar
  4. Jalankan Emulatornya
  5. Pilih Monster Hunter.ISO
  6. Selamat bermain Monster Hunter di PC !!!

Monster Hunter PS2 GAME ISO