One Piece Grand Adventure PS2 GAME ISO

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One Piece Grand Adventure PS2 GAME ISO – Sebuah game 3D dengan genre fighting, yang mana dalam game ini kalian akan dapat memakai beberapa karakter dari anime one piece, game ini bisa kalian mainkan di PC dan Laptop, dengan bantuan PS2 Emulator.

One Piece Grand Adventure PS2 GAME ISO

Download One Piece Grand Adventure PS2 GAME ISO, The main mode of Grand Adventure is Adventure Mode, in which the player must win all 10 levels to complete. The player uses the Going Merry to sail the Grand Line and visit various islands. On these islands, the player will engage in combat against other characters. The players defeated may join your character’s crew, or play in various mini-games. In the fights, characters gain experience points and can level up, where the player can level up certain stats of the character (HP, attack, defense, etc.).  There are a total of 24 playable characters. There is a total of 51 support characters which the player can choose in addition to their playable character. While the support characters are not controllable, they are able to help the player when called out. There are six types of support characters: Dash, Jump, Ride, Recovery, Gun, and Area. Each type of support character has its own advantages and disadvantages in battle.
Each character is assigned support characters. Every character has at least one, but none of them have more than three. In some game modes, the support characters the player can choose from are limited to the ones assigned to that specific character. In most modes, all unlocked support characters are available. There are some exceptions where a support character can never be used by any character other than the one it was assigned to. In some cases, a support character does not even have a character that it is assigned to.
Below is a list of the playable and support characters. Please note that the characters are referred to by the spelling in the game, not the manga or anime.

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One Piece Grand Adventure PS2 GAME ISO