Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Wii GAME ISO

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Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Wii GAME ISO РLagi membagikan game balapan untuk Wii, ada game NFS Hot Pursuit versi 2010 nih, bisa jadi andalan untuk memainkan game balapan di Wii, atau mau nyoba balapan di Android pake emulator Wii yaitu Dolphin, Sebelumnya kita sudah bagikan link download game balapan juga yaitu Need for Speed The Run Wii GAME ISO.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Wii GAME ISO

Download Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Wii GAME ISO, The Wii version of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit has very little in common with its Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows counterparts. This version was designed by a different company (Exient Entertainment), and was a completely different game in nearly every virtual aspect: graphics, soundtrack, racing modes, gameplay, and customization. Some reviewers cited that the Wii version showed stark similarities to a previous Need for Speed installment, Nitro. This version takes place in four real-life cities across the world, as opposed to the fictional Seacrest County in the other versions.

In Career mode, there are 4 super-tournaments (each city) and a Grand Prix Tournament. Each super-tournament consists of four smaller tournaments, which consist of Hot Pursuit (circuit with cops), Eliminator (knockout), Time Marker (solo timed circuit) and Rush Hour (100 to 1) races. Each super tournament concludes with a Boss Race, which is a free roam race (with GPS) to capture more of the checkpoint flags than the Boss (2 out of 3, etc.). Besides Career, the game offers Quick Race mode, which allows up to four players on split screens, each with their own map, and the four race types from Career plus a fifth, “Interceptor” (be a cop & bust a speeder).

The cars, purchased with Bounty, improve in speed, acceleration, and strength (D, C, B, A, and S Class cars, plus police vehicles in the Quick Race’s “Interceptor” race). Racers do not have names, just the Career/Profile names. During the race, players can accumulate and use regular nitro and super nitro (more powerful but shorter), similar to Need for Speed: Nitro. Power-ups/”Supes” are acquired while driving: Boost (extra nitro), Drain (others’ nitro), Cruise Control (brief auto-steering), Deflect The Heat (send police after opponents), Jammer (invisibility to police), Tank (resistance to crash damage), Soundwave (circular explosion), and Repair (immediate car restoration). Repair is the most important, as players’ car must be in good repair to accumulate Nitro and be immune from being busted by the cops.

A complex yet extensive range of visual customization options is available, including body kits, wheels, and a full range of colors & vinyls, including freehand drawing ability. The most obvious difference is that the graphics and racing physics in this version are completely different from the other versions, giving it a retro look and feel reminiscent of much older pre-GameCube or Mario Kart type games.

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Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Wii GAME ISO