Resident Evil Zero Wii GAME ISO

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Resident Evil Zero Wii GAME ISO – Hadir lagi membagikan game wii iso gratis nih untuk kalian, ini ada Resident Evil Zero Wii GAME ISO yang bisa kalian mainkan di Dolphin untuk PC dan Android, Sebelumnya juga kita sudah bagikan juga game RE yaitu Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles Wii GAME ISO.

Resident Evil Zero Wii GAME ISO

Download Resident Evil Zero Wii GAME ISO, Resident Evil Zero is a third-person survival horror video game. The gameplay remains largely the same as previous entries in the series. However, unlike controlling one sole character like the previous games, the player controls two protagonists throughout the entire game. The player may switch between a police officer and medic Rebecca Chambers and convicted former Force Reconnaissance Officer Billy Coen. If they travel together, either one of them can be controlled while the other character is handled by the game’s AI. The player may also control both simultaneously or split them up entirely to explore areas separately. Each character has unique abilities. Rebecca has a mixing kit which allows her to combine herbs and other chemicals, but she is weak defensively. In contrast, Billy can move heavy objects, use a lighter, and has higher defense, but cannot mix herbs (a staple ability in Resident Evil games). The partner system is central to solving many of the game’s puzzles

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Cara Memainkan Resident Evil Zero Wii di PC atau Android :

  1. Siapkan dulu Emulator Wii yaitu Dolphin
  2. Download file game dari link diatas
  3. Extrak file gamenya
  4. Jalankan emulatornya
  5. Pilih Resident Evil Zero Wii GAME ISO
  6. Selamat bermain Game Resident Evil Zero.

Resident Evil Zero Wii GAME ISO