Super Mario Galaxy Wii GAME ISO

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Super Mario Galaxy Wii GAME ISO РMerupakan game mario yang hadir di Wii, dimana dalam game ini berkisah tentang mario yang berpetualang di luar angkasa, mario harus mengumpulkan bintang-bintang dalam game ini. Sebelumnya kita sudah bagikan link download game samurai warrior yaitu Sengoku Musou 3: Moushouden Wii GAME ISO.

Super Mario Galaxy Wii GAME ISO

Download Super Mario Galaxy Wii GAME ISO, Shortly after Princess Peach invites Mario to the centennial Star Festival, Bowser invades the Mushroom Kingdom in a fleet of airships. He removes Peach’s castle from its foundations using a giant flying saucer and lifts it into outer space.[26] Kamek, one of Bowser’s minions, launches Mario, whom was attempting to rescue Princess Peach, into space and onto a small planet with his magic. On the planet, he meets the enchantress Rosalina and her star-shaped companions, the Lumas. Rosalina is a watcher of the stars who uses the Comet Observatory to travel across the universe. However, Bowser has stolen all of the Power Stars that act as the Observatory’s power source, rendering it immobile. Bestowed with the power to travel through space through one of the Lumas, Mario sets off on a journey across the universe to reclaim the Power Stars and restore power to Rosalina’s observatory. Along the way, he finds friends from the Mushroom Kingdom such as Luigi and the Toads.

Upon collecting enough Power Stars, the Comet Observatory flies to the center of the universe, where Bowser is holding Peach captive. While confronting Bowser, Mario learns that he plans to rule the entire universe with Peach at his side. Mario defeats Bowser and frees Peach from Bowser’s control, but one of the galaxy’s planets collapses on itself, becoming a supermassive black hole that begins consuming everything in the universe. The Lumas sacrifice themselves and jump into the black hole to destroy it. The black hole collapses into a singularity and the universe is recreated entirely as the singularity explodes in a huge supernova. Rosalina appears to Mario, revealing that dying stars are later reborn as new stars. When the universe is recreated, Mario awakens in the restored Mushroom Kingdom alongside Peach and Bowser, and he celebrates the new galaxy that has emerged in the skies.

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Super Mario Galaxy Wii GAME ISO