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Tomba! PS1 GAME ISO РSeri awal dari game menarik dengan genre adventure yang cukup populer dulu di era PS1, sekarang kalian bisa memainkan game ini dengan lancar di Android dan PC, Sebelumnya kita sudah bagikan game seri keduanya yang keren abis yaitu Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return PS1 GAME ISO.


Download Tomba! PS1 GAME ISO Google Drive, Tomba! is a side-scrolling platform game in which the player controls the titular character Tomba, who must explore his home island, defeat the evil Koma Pigs and recover his grandfather’s bracelet. Tomba is capable of moving left and right across the screen, although he can occasionally move between the foreground and background and explore each as separate areas. Some areas in the game enable the player to explore them in an isometric view, allowing Tomba to move around freely. Along with the ability to jump, Tomba can attack enemy characters by leaping onto their back, biting into them and tossing them in a straightforward trajectory. Tomba can increase the variety in his offensive measures by obtaining weapons such as flails and boomerangs. Signposts scattered throughout the environment state how to use the game’s controls and abilities,[5] while a select few can be used to save the player’s progress.

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Cara Install Tomba! :

  1. Download file dari link diatas
  2. Extrak dengan Winrar
  3. Jalankan file tadi lewat Emu
  4. PC pake Emulator PS1 PC
  5. Android pake Emulator PS1 Android