Breath of Fire IV PS1 GAME ISO

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Breath of Fire IV PS1 GAME ISO – Nah kali ini masih membagikan game ps1 ya, ada game RPG Turn Based nih, judul Breath of Fire IV, kalian dapat memainkan game ini di Android dan PC kalian, Sebelumnya kita sudah bagikan game PS1 keren arcade yaitu Bomberman Party Edition PS1 GAME ISO.

Breath of Fire IV PS1 GAME ISO

Download Breath of Fire IV PS1 GAME ISO Google Drive, Breath of Fire IV is a traditional console role-playing game with an overhead, isometric viewpoint. The game’s camera can be manually rotated by the player up to a full 360 degrees in some instances, though unlike Breath of Fire III it cannot be tilted up or down. The game environment is rendered in full 3D, while character are present as two-dimensional hand-drawn sprites. While moving about the world, players can interact with computer-controlled characters and objects, gain knowledge on the world around them, and gather clues on how to advance the story. Each playable character is given a special “field skill” that can be used to destroy obstacles or solve puzzles outside of battles, which occur randomly in hostile areas or dungeons.

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Cara Install Breath of Fire IV :

  1. Download file dari link diatas
  2. Extrak dengan Winrar
  3. Jalankan file tadi lewat Emu
  4. PC pake Emulator PS1 PC
  5. Android pake Emulator PS1 Android

Breath of Fire IV PS1 GAME ISO