Harvest Moon: Back to Nature PS1 GAME ISO

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Harvest Moon: Back to Nature PS1 GAME ISO РSalah satu game legend, game tentang anak petani, yang tentu game ini membawa kalian bernostalgia, nah sekarang ini game ini bisa kalian mainkan di PC dan Android secara lancar, Sebelumnya kita sudah ada game keren yaitu Gekitou! Crush Gear Turbo PS1 GAME ISO.

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature PS1 GAME ISO

Download Harvest Moon: Back to Nature PS1 GAME ISO Google Drive, The game begins with main character inheriting a small amount of money and ramshackle farm covered in weeds. Over the course of the game the player must build a thriving farm, and become a friend of the citizens of Mineral Town. Throughout the game the player must balance between attending to the farm and interacting with other characters to maintain friendships. In order to begin with the story, the player must overcome the first obstacle of reestablishing the farm by getting rid of weeds and planting new crops. Once that is done a time frame of three years to completely rejuvenate the farm begins. Time passes while the player is outdoors, and pauses inside different buildings such as shops or barns and mines. Both the growing of crops and raising of livestock require daily attention and the expenditure of time.

Player starts off with an assortment of rudimentary farming tools which can later be upgraded and refined to allow for a more efficient work rate, allowing more work to be done with less energy.[6] Energy is the predominant element of the game, affecting all other aspects of it, particularly in the early stages. The main character can perform a limited amount of tasks each day. Rather than displaying an energy bar, the game instead shows the character becoming more tired as he performs more tasks. Working after the energy has been depleted results in character’s blackout and hospitalization which leads to incapacity to perform work; duration of hospitalization increases with each subsequent blackout. There are weather patterns as well as four different seasons in the game, often changing at random but also when certain progress is made. There are rainfalls, hurricanes, frost and blizzards which all do damage to player’s farm as they would in real life

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Harvest Moon: Back to Nature PS1 GAME ISO