Pepsiman PS1 GAME ISO

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Pepsiman PS1 GAME ISO – Ada game nostagia lagi yang cukup populer di era PS1 dulu yaitu Pepsiman, game ini sekarang bisa kalian mainkan di PC dan Android kalian dengan lancar, Sebelumnya kita sudah bagikan game racing keren untuk kalian yaitu NASCAR Rumble PS1 GAME ISO.

Pepsiman PS1 GAME ISO

Download Pepsiman PS1 GAME ISO Google Drive, Pepsiman is an action game that consists of four stages, each divided into smaller segments, and each involving the superhero Pepsiman saving a person who is dehydrated, such as a military man in the middle of a desert, by giving them a can of Pepsi. Most stages are based on real locations, such as San Francisco, New York City and Texas; except for the last one, Pepsi City. The game is played from a third-person perspective, with Pepsiman automatically running forwards through the stage, sometimes running through people’s living rooms. The player aims to dodge obstacles, such as cars, construction cranes, and people, as well as Pepsi-branded obstacles, including a Pepsi truck. The player does this by using four different moves: running, dashing, jumping, and super-jumping. The player gains points by collecting Pepsi cans.

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Cara Install Pepsiman :

  1. Download file dari link diatas
  2. Extrak dengan Winrar
  3. Jalankan file tadi lewat Emu
  4. PC pake Emulator PS1 PC
  5. Android pake Emulator PS1 Android

Pepsiman PS1 GAME ISO