Team Buddies PS1 GAME ISO

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Team Buddies PS1 GAME ISO – Sebuah game populer dimasa PS1 dulu, game ini bergenre Tactical Shooter, Nah game ini sekarang ini sudah bisa lancar dimainkan di PC dan Android, Sebelumnya sudah ada game sepak bola yang bisa jurus yaitu Super Shot Soccer PS1 GAME ISO.

Team Buddies PS1 GAME ISO

Download Team Buddies PS1 GAME ISO Google Drive, The game is set in Buddie World, a peaceful world inhabited by pill-shaped creatures called “Buddies”. One day, an eclipse occurs, and crates fall from the sky. After finding weapons inside the crates, the Buddies are segregated by colour and begin fighting for supremacy.

As the violence spills into other regions of Buddie World, the player learns that the other teams are being assisted by a scientist called Doctor Madasalorrie, who has also been experimenting on animals in Buddie World. The player eventually meets Madasalorrie and persuades him to defect. However, he later goes missing and is presumed dead after failing to destroy an enemy-run factory, forcing the player to complete his mission.

It is later revealed that the crates came from the Baddie Moon, which is inhabited by cube-shaped creatures called “Baddies”. The Baddies dropped the crates to Buddie World and filmed the ensuing carnage for a television show. The player travels to the Baddie Moon and is tasked by the president of Buddie World with killing the Baddies and destroying their capital city, which is the source of the crates.

The player later learns that Madasalorrie is still alive and is a Baddie disguised as a Buddie. He helped boost the ratings of the Baddies’ TV show by having the Buddies kill each other with more lethal weapons. The season finale of the show involves Madasalorrie using a death ray to destroy Buddie World. The player kills Madasalorrie, rescues the moon’s aliens before the moon’s largest volcano erupts, and destroys Madasalorrie’s most powerful killing machine, restoring peace and order to Buddie World.

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Team Buddies PS1 GAME ISO